My Promise to the Client

I believe an honest portrayal of oneself should speak less of individual accomplishment and more of what passions and principles inspire one. My passion is the law and the principles which propel my drive for success are integrity and honesty and an absolute commitment to my client and their needs. If one’s passion is true, success is inevitable.

The essential thing is to see the client first and always as a person, someone who has been confronted with hardship and now must persevere. Before becoming an attorney I worked for 18 years as a union rod­setter/ ironworker. During this time I witnessed the daily toil of working men and women and the devastating toll left in the wake of injury. This experience impressed upon me not only an intimate knowledge of all phases of the construction industry and workplace safety issues, but, and more importantly, an enduring respect for what the working people of this country do day in and day out.

As an attorney I have always sought to alleviate the hardship of those who are injured due to the negligence of others and to do so by committing myself to each and every one of my clients not only as a lawyer but as someone who empathizes with their hardship and simply wishes to help them achieve a full recovery while succeeding to the maximum in my duties as their attorney. It has been a honor to do work that is meaningful and that benefits those I care to serve and help. In adhering to the adage adapted by our firm, in “making justice personal,” to each and all my clients I vow my absolute honesty and commitment.