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One of the most painful and complex personal injuries to deal with is a burn injury. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may need multiple operations, skin grafts and years of physical therapy, and still never return to the state of health you were in before your accident. If your lawyer hasn’t handled burn cases in the past, he or she may not have a solid understanding of the full scope of your injuries or what you need to compensate you for all your losses. At Fritz & Bianculli, we have that experience and can help you fully protect your rights.

At the Law Offices ofFritz & Bianculli, our attorneys have more than 15 years of experience in the trenches protecting the rights of injured people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We are pretty selective about the cases we take, starting with the premise that every personal injury claim is unique, and that every injured person has different needs. We have always sought to build long-term relationships, founded on trust and open communication. We’ll learn as much as we can about what happened to you, and what you need to move forward, so that we can customize our counsel to get the results you want. Our goal, with every client, is to foster a relationship that lasts long after we’ve resolved your personal injury claim.

Protecting the Rights of People Who Have Suffered Burn Injuries

We protect the rights of people who have suffered any type of burn injury, whether in a fire, from a defective or dangerous product, from an electrical source or from chemicals or toxic substances.

We handle burns caused by:

  • Contact with overhead power lines
  • Structural fires in homes, office buildings, apartments, garages or barns
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • The malfunction of heaters, appliances or other consumer products
  • Chemical spills or leaks
  • Hot liquids
  • Negligently installed electrical outlets or components

In our years in practice, we have become well-known for our ability to secure damages in cases initially rejected by other law firms. To date, we have recovered nearly $200 million for clients whose claims were turned down by other lawyers.

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