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Danger on the tracks

A pedestrian was killed today on railroad tracks in Ridley Park by an Amtrak train.

Although it is unclear why this person was on the track, often pedestrian railroad accidents happen because of timing issues with the the crossing signals and arms. People think they have time to cross the tracks because the crossing arms and lights have not been activated, when in fact the signals are actually malfunctioning and a fast moving train is approaching.

Unbeknownst to most people, it is quite difficult to hear a train approaching from behind in time to get out of its way.

Amtrak and its safety policies will again be brought to the forefront, as the investigation into this sad accident and why the train did not see the pedestrian or stop in time to avoid striking the person continues.

To find out more, visit the Channel 6 ABC Action News website.

Why You May Need More than a Workers’ Compensation Attorney after a Work Injury

When you’ve been injured on the job, your first course of action is typically to pursue benefits through the state’s workers’ compensation system. That’s the right thing to do, but when you’re looking for an attorney to handle your claim, you should consider hiring someone who has experience with more than just workers’ compensation claims. Here’s why.

When a work injury occurs, the injured worker may have two distinct avenues for recovery. First, a claim for workers’ compensation against their employers’ workers compensation insurer. Second, a claim against someone or company outside of the employer who contributed or caused the accident. The second form of action is often referred to as a “Third Party” case because it falls outside the employer-employee relationship.

Under Pennsylvania law, the damages recoverable in a workers’ compensation claim are limited. Thus, a Third Party action must be explored for an injured worker to make sure that their full monetary recovery available under the law is realized.

A third party claim can stem from a variety of circumstances:

  • You may have been injured because of the malfunction or poor design of a tool, machine or piece of equipment. In such a case, you would have a product liability claim.
  • Another employer or contractor may have created a hazardous condition on a worksite that caused your harm.
  • A company with overall safety responsibility, such as a General Contractor, has failed to make sure the work site was safe.
  • You may be injured in a motor vehicle accident while performing the duties of your job. If the other motorist was at fault, you can seek damages in a civil lawsuit, in addition to a workers’ compensation claim.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you determine whether there were other third parties who caused or contributed to your injury.

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